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Chilli Hills enters the lutenitsa market

Lutenitsa, the ubiquitous Balkan appetiser, has remained pretty much untouched for hundreds of years: until now. Award-winning Bulgarian craft brand Chilli Hills has re-imagined the regional classic roasted tomato puree with a modern twist. Introducing Chilli Hills’ Lutenitsa, available in three different varieties of heat level and taste. Combining the taste and aroma of roasted bell peppers, aubergines and tomatoes with chipotle and smoked paprika, habanero heat, or infused with Carolina Reaper chilli- the world’s hottest- Chilli Hills’ signature lutenitsa is a perfect accompaniment to grilled dishes or spread thickly on coarse bread as a divine appetiser. This is not your Granny’s lutenitsa: taste the revolution!
About Chilli Hills: Chilli Hills is an artisanal Balkan chilli brand which produces and distributes frankly amazing chillies. sauces, marinades and rubs to shops, restaurants and thrill- seekers throughout Bulgaria and beyond.Launched in 2015 as a brand development project by Se…