Profiling Prague's premier skate filmer David Chvatal

An interesting fact about the Czech skate scene: one of the original guiding lights of the early days was the son of acclaimed film director MiloŇ° Forman who made, among other famous films, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. 
So to say that Prague has a rich, intertwined history of skateboarding and videography is no real stretch.
The city was fairly made to be filmed.
Both those cultural strands dovetail in the story of David Chvatal, who has been the pre-eminent Czech skate filmer for the last twenty years.
His professionalism and hustle in learning his craft during that time means that when he is not skating, or filming skating, these days you will more likely find him making TV commercials for car industry giants.
Despite his success in the ‘real world’ of production, David never forgot where he came from and continues to skate and film (including many of your favourite contest edits of recent years) as- and- when his ‘proper job’ schedule permits.
Not all skateboarding success stories happen in the usual, predictable places. 
Meet David Chvatal, and see where vision and being low-key can take you.


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