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White Nights Of The White Sea features on The Berrics

The Russian North is uncharted territory for skateboarding. Architecturally vibrant, culturally distinct and visually untouchable, this skateboarding quest to the mysterious city of Archangel required every ounce of our experience and the expertise of our extensive network of local contacts and fixers to deliver. 
The result is a skate video full of terrain which has never been seen before in skateboarding's history, which is almost unheard of in this day and age, and is absolutely unheard of outside of these productions in 2019.
 No smaller an institution than The Berrics recognised the uniqueness of this skate output and were kind enough to share!

Chilli Hills 'Bulleit Burger’ wins Best Burger at European Street Food Awards in Bulgaria

Chilli Hills would like to congratulate friends Bulleit Frontier Whiskey, who partnered in their development of the award-winning Bulleit Burger which has just won Best Burger at the European Street Food Awards national event in their native Bulgaria.
The secret bourbon-infused sauce was acclaimed by judges Andre Tokev, Chef Vasil Yakimov, and Luis Montero in their unanimous agreement on Bulgaria’s best street burger. Why not find out for yourself at any of the festivals and events where Chilli Hills is spreading that summer heat this season!
About Chilli Hills- Chilli Hills is a gourmet condiment brand specialising in the cultivation and creation of chilli products. Started in 2015, Chilli Hills sauces are now available across 300 outlets in their native Bulgaria, and available globally via Amazon. The brand has two standalone stores and has featured in Forbes, Economy and TED media.

Interview with Swedish Olympic hopeful Kalle Berglind for Red Bull

Skateboarding owes a lot to waves. Not just physical waves, or concrete waves, but waves of talent, too. Generational waves and personal waves all drive the game forward.
In the trajectory of most great skateboarders there's a golden period where their talent is ready to fully express itself and great leaps of progression are made – sometimes, on a daily basis. On that wave, in that moment, the only thing to do is skate as much as possible without getting hurt. Skaters who can do that are better at the end of those days than they were at the start of each one. It really is a remarkable thing to behold.
Karl 'Kalle' Berglind was raised within the skate scene of Malmö, Sweden – now one of the great world centres of skateboarding culture.  Unquestionably one of the greatest concrete shrednauts of his generation in Europe, he has started making moves internationally, too. Read his full interview here!

Chilli Hills now available globally via Amazon

Chilli Hills have just released their 'Taste The Good Life' video promo for Summer 2019 in association with Zatecky Hus beer.
As well as opening their first franchise store and hosting a TED talk, the craft chilli goods company has been picked up by Amazon and is now available globally!

The gourmet condiment range launched by Sensible Answers East in 2015 has featured in Forbes and Economy magazines.

International trade/ marketing enquiries via Sensible Answers website.