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RadSeason: Prague's Mystic Cup festival review

Czechia is a festival republic. Seriously, if there was one place in the world that benefited from the knock-on effect of the Criminal Justice Bill and Prague’s synchronous acquisition of the crown of global 1990’s slacker capital, it was here. Summertime in the Czech Republic is one festival after another, but one of the few to actually take place in Prague itself is the Mystic Skate Cup on Stvanice island. What started out as an open-air skate contest directly outside the Mystic Clubhouse tucked away under the railway arches back in 1994, has developed into an affair which also now takes in the vast lower plain of the island too. Read our article on the 25th Mystic Cup for the always-excellent RadSeason here!

Chilli Hills partner with Bulleit Bourbon

Chilli Hills, the artesanal condiment brand launched by Sensible Answers East in 2013 has linked up with Bulleit, the Kentucky whiskey producer to create a series of collaborative dishes served up at their Street Kitchen which has been catering events from Cypress Hill to Slayer all summer long.
The bourbon-infused burgers and ribs in particular have been a runaway success, having sold out at the last three events!
More on Chilli Hills here.
More on Bulleit Frontier Whiskey here.

Delivering the largest audience for Prague's 25th Mystic Cup

Twenty-five years is a long time for a skate contest to run. In skating terms, it represents many generations of batons passed along. The Mystic Cup started life as an extension of the European professional contest circuit which was the basis of many a ‘Summer In Europe’ issue of 411 Video Magazine in its heyday, and a vital part of the culture as a result. All those other events - in Lausanne, in Dortmund, in Northampton and Marseille - have passed into the annals of history while the Mystic Cup has endured floods and financial crises to become a fixed star on Prague’s summer social calendar. Bringing together a team including Lucy Adams, Andy Evans, David Chvatal and Sam McGuire, we delivered the definitive weekend digital feature across all platforms.