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A Red Bull Skateboarding 2019 year in review

This year Red Bull Skateboarding featured in Thrasher, The Berrics, Transworld, The Nine Club, Flatspot Magazine, Surge Magazine, Be Skate Magazine and a host of other skate and lifestyle platforms while their social media numbers skyrocketed off the back of 12 months of unique content at a time when most other skate media's numbers were flatlining. From events to interviews to groundbreaking concept pieces, their impact in skateboarding recently has been undeniable to any impartial observer of the game
 Read Helge Zirkl's lookback on Red Bull Skateboarding's remarkable 2019 journey here.

Chilli Hills enters the lutenitsa market

Lutenitsa, the ubiquitous Balkan appetiser, has remained pretty much untouched for hundreds of years: until now. Award-winning Bulgarian craft brand Chilli Hills has re-imagined the regional classic roasted tomato puree with a modern twist. Introducing Chilli Hills’ Lutenitsa, available in three different varieties of heat level and taste. Combining the taste and aroma of roasted bell peppers, aubergines and tomatoes with chipotle and smoked paprika, habanero heat, or infused with Carolina Reaper chilli- the world’s hottest- Chilli Hills’ signature lutenitsa is a perfect accompaniment to grilled dishes or spread thickly on coarse bread as a divine appetiser. This is not your Granny’s lutenitsa: taste the revolution!
About Chilli Hills: Chilli Hills is an artisanal Balkan chilli brand which produces and distributes frankly amazing chillies. sauces, marinades and rubs to shops, restaurants and thrill- seekers throughout Bulgaria and beyond.Launched in 2015 as a brand development project by Se…

Czech project featured on The Berrics


Profiling Prague's premier skate filmer David Chvatal

An interesting fact about the Czech skate scene: one of the original guiding lights of the early days was the son of acclaimed film director Miloš Forman who made, among other famous films, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. So to say that Prague has a rich, intertwined history of skateboarding and videography is no real stretch. The city was fairly made to be filmed. Both those cultural strands dovetail in the story of David Chvatal, who has been the pre-eminent Czech skate filmer for the last twenty years. His professionalism and hustle in learning his craft during that time means that when he is not skating, or filming skating, these days you will more likely find him making TV commercials for car industry giants. Despite his success in the ‘real world’ of production, David never forgot where he came from and continues to skate and film (including many of your favourite contest edits of recent years) as- and- when his ‘proper job’ schedule permits. Not all skateboarding success stories ha…

Promoting Bulgarian tourism with a Sofia city report featured on The Berrics

Our review of the skateboarding scene in the Bulgarian capital Sofia took almost three years to complete and contains great promotional plugs for several small local businesses including Contrabanda skate shop, Grindhouse skate club, 5-High Skatepark and Sofia Hardcore Tattoos.
With a projected viewership into the hundreds of thousands worldwide, nothing of this calibre has ever been conceived or delivered before in the promotion of Sofia and her young people.
Watch the feature via The Berrics here, as featured in Spain here or as featured in France right here!

White Nights Of The White Sea features on The Berrics

The Russian North is uncharted territory for skateboarding. Architecturally vibrant, culturally distinct and visually untouchable, this skateboarding quest to the mysterious city of Archangel required every ounce of our experience and the expertise of our extensive network of local contacts and fixers to deliver. 
The result is a skate video full of terrain which has never been seen before in skateboarding's history, which is almost unheard of in this day and age, and is absolutely unheard of outside of these productions in 2019.
 No smaller an institution than The Berrics recognised the uniqueness of this skate output and were kind enough to share!

Chilli Hills 'Bulleit Burger’ wins Best Burger at European Street Food Awards in Bulgaria

Chilli Hills would like to congratulate friends Bulleit Frontier Whiskey, who partnered in their development of the award-winning Bulleit Burger which has just won Best Burger at the European Street Food Awards national event in their native Bulgaria.
The secret bourbon-infused sauce was acclaimed by judges Andre Tokev, Chef Vasil Yakimov, and Luis Montero in their unanimous agreement on Bulgaria’s best street burger. Why not find out for yourself at any of the festivals and events where Chilli Hills is spreading that summer heat this season!
About Chilli Hills- Chilli Hills is a gourmet condiment brand specialising in the cultivation and creation of chilli products. Started in 2015, Chilli Hills sauces are now available across 300 outlets in their native Bulgaria, and available globally via Amazon. The brand has two standalone stores and has featured in Forbes, Economy and TED media.

Interview with Swedish Olympic hopeful Kalle Berglind for Red Bull

Skateboarding owes a lot to waves. Not just physical waves, or concrete waves, but waves of talent, too. Generational waves and personal waves all drive the game forward.
In the trajectory of most great skateboarders there's a golden period where their talent is ready to fully express itself and great leaps of progression are made – sometimes, on a daily basis. On that wave, in that moment, the only thing to do is skate as much as possible without getting hurt. Skaters who can do that are better at the end of those days than they were at the start of each one. It really is a remarkable thing to behold.
Karl 'Kalle' Berglind was raised within the skate scene of Malmö, Sweden – now one of the great world centres of skateboarding culture.  Unquestionably one of the greatest concrete shrednauts of his generation in Europe, he has started making moves internationally, too. Read his full interview here!

Chilli Hills now available globally via Amazon

Chilli Hills have just released their 'Taste The Good Life' video promo for Summer 2019 in association with Zatecky Hus beer.
As well as opening their first franchise store and hosting a TED talk, the craft chilli goods company has been picked up by Amazon and is now available globally!

The gourmet condiment range launched by Sensible Answers East in 2015 has featured in Forbes and Economy magazines.

International trade/ marketing enquiries via Sensible Answers website.

RadSeason: Prague's Mystic Cup festival review

Czechia is a festival republic. Seriously, if there was one place in the world that benefited from the knock-on effect of the Criminal Justice Bill and Prague’s synchronous acquisition of the crown of global 1990’s slacker capital, it was here. Summertime in the Czech Republic is one festival after another, but one of the few to actually take place in Prague itself is the Mystic Skate Cup on Stvanice island. What started out as an open-air skate contest directly outside the Mystic Clubhouse tucked away under the railway arches back in 1994, has developed into an affair which also now takes in the vast lower plain of the island too. Read our article on the 25th Mystic Cup for the always-excellent RadSeason here!

Chilli Hills partner with Bulleit Bourbon

Chilli Hills, the artesanal condiment brand launched by Sensible Answers East in 2013 has linked up with Bulleit, the Kentucky whiskey producer to create a series of collaborative dishes served up at their Street Kitchen which has been catering events from Cypress Hill to Slayer all summer long.
The bourbon-infused burgers and ribs in particular have been a runaway success, having sold out at the last three events!
More on Chilli Hills here.
More on Bulleit Frontier Whiskey here.

Delivering the largest audience for Prague's 25th Mystic Cup

Twenty-five years is a long time for a skate contest to run. In skating terms, it represents many generations of batons passed along. The Mystic Cup started life as an extension of the European professional contest circuit which was the basis of many a ‘Summer In Europe’ issue of 411 Video Magazine in its heyday, and a vital part of the culture as a result. All those other events - in Lausanne, in Dortmund, in Northampton and Marseille - have passed into the annals of history while the Mystic Cup has endured floods and financial crises to become a fixed star on Prague’s summer social calendar. Bringing together a team including Lucy Adams, Andy Evans, David Chvatal and Sam McGuire, we delivered the definitive weekend digital feature across all platforms.

Sensible Answers East x TED

Big congratulations to Alex Kyourkiev of our Eastern European office who was invited to give a TED talk last weekend in Sofia, Bulgaria discussing how skateboarding led him to become one of the most successful marketing gurus in the region.
Part of Alex's story can be found here.
We will be making the first of several announcements concerning our work in Eastern Europe in the coming weeks.

Promoting Irish skateboarding culture on huge international platform


Simple Session 19 Highlights viewed 1.3M times

Smashing the competition once again by delivering insane viewership numbers for Estonia's Simple Session, we are by now well established as the leaders in European skate contest coverage. With skateboarding scheduled to debut at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, we are perfectly positioned to be gatekeepers of public interest in the run-in!

Simple Session 19 skate highlights

Simple Session is an annual skate contest that takes place in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, every year since 2000. This year saw the 19th edition. The contest has grown exponentially since its early years and is now among the most-watched skate events anywhere in the world. Our highlight edit from 2018 was watched by over 2 million people.
Watch our highlight from last weekend here!

Nassim Lachhab interview

Nassim appeared on our radar not long after he moved to France from Morocco three years ago.
After bringing him in on a production for Red Bull filmed across his native Morocco, we wanted to do more to showcase his sublime talent and support him in his application for an athlete's visa for the EU.
Read his interview and enjoy his video part to accompany it by clicking here.
Ph: Sam McGuire/ Red Bull