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Bolts Club best trick app demonstrates its functionality with payout leaderboard

Rebuffing the millennial skepticism surrounding an app which genuinely pays out in cash for best tricks in an era when 'professionals' are being paid in shoes,
Bolts Club - the cash for tricks app which uses Pinpoint Archive technology to catalogue footage from any GPS location - has published a leaderboard of repeat winners so far.
The app uses geo-targeted advertising from $1 per day to fund payouts and in so doing harnesses the power of social media for a fraction of the cost.
The technology can be re-skinned for any activity.
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Advertising apps via social media content aggregators - the death of editorialising?

Bolts Club, the cash-for-tricks app launched by Zelering Ltd is driving downloads for its closed-loop advertising model by collaborating with independent Instagram content aggregators with a conversion rate conventional media couldn't dream of.
When someone harvesting web clips in their bedroom has a social media footprint which dwarfs most of that of the "core media", do advertisers need mainstream media outlets anymore, given how much of their reach is now social-only?

Digital content provision and brand positioning for Red Bull Skateboarding

The ollie is magic, pure and simple. No video game or web clip can or will ever reproduce the utterly mind-warping moment you first see a clean ollie popped in front of your eyes. It shouldn’t be possible, of course – appearing, as it does, to be an inversion of the laws of known physics whereby the thing underneath your feet leaps with you unattached and seemingly unbidden. The ollie in fact demonstrates Newton’s first and third laws – the pop of the tail produces a vertical bounce-back, instantly flattened out by a rolling front foot – but the technique is more art than science.

As such, it expresses a lot of what we might call character of physicality but more usually referred to by the unquantifiable catch-all term of ‘style’.

Chilli Hills on Bulgarian national morning television

Sensible Answers East scored a big PR scoop for the Chilli Hills brand we created and launched in Bulgaria back in 2015 today when our own Alex Kyourkiev presented a half-hour segment on the product range on Bulgaria's top-rated morning show Coffee. After having partnered with Smart Organics and subsequently been picked up by the Kaufland supermarket chain, Chilli Hills opened its own flagship store in Sofia in 2018 and will launch internationally in 2019.