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Promoting modern Morocco with Red Bull Skateboarding

With many thanks to Romain Duplantier from Atlas Skateboards and the super-talented Moroccan skater Nassim Lachhab for their help in organising this triple-header, with filming duties handled by the ever-excellent Sebastian Abes.
This pioneering content occupies a digital content space few other brands in the category can get anywhere near, and is reflected in the ratings accordingly.

Another 1M+ views for digital content production on behalf of Red Bull: Mystic Cup 2018

Last weekend saw the 24th Mystic Cup go off in Prague.
An incredible event in one of the world's great cities, our definitive highlight edit was the portal through which most of the global viewership for this event goes,  logging up a stratospheric 1.1M views on Facebook alone, as our previous edits for Simple Session and CPH Open did too.