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Introducing RealAd

Real Ad is a programmatic media exchange marketplace for print magazines. The Real Ad platform enables publishers to upload their ad inventory to the marketplace and enables advertisers to easily find high-quality print ad spaces from all across the world.

The platform has two iterations:
A Global version - in which the media is uploaded to the global ad inventory and can be found by all advertisers. This version is free to use but carries a 10% commission on all ad sales.  A Private version – for publishers and their own prospective client databases, designed to help simplify and assist the sales process by adding biddable inventory.  Publishers can upload an endless number of publications upon which to bid for ad space, and can upload as much or little ad inventory as they wish.
From a publisher’s perspective, RealAd has 4 advantages -arranging and tracking all media in one interface; reaching hundreds of potential advertisers from all around the world; simplifying the sales and collect…