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Denis Lynn interview and video part for Red Bull Skateboarding

Delivering some unique branded content on behalf of Red Bull as part of our ongoing work in representing new talent to the world. Sensible Answers have had a particular emphasis in promoting talent from Ireland over the years, and having known Denis since he was 10 we are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with him on this feature for the enjoyment of Red Bull Skateboarding's 1.6 million social media followers.

Photo credit: Craig Dodds

Chilli Hills' summer 2017 web ad from the Black Sea

Chilli Hills, the Balkan condiment range launched by Sensible Answers East last year and now part-owned by Smart Organic, have released a little brand 'look and feel' edit for barbecue season in the Balkans.
Shot on location in Varna, Bulgaria, the edit caps a stratospheric year of growth for the brand including supermarket launches, which is almost unheard of this early in a branding cycle.
All you need to know is right here.

Stoke Brigade is paying out for waves right now

Stoke Brigade, the cash-for-waves app is bang in the middle of a working week of payouts for surfers from around the globe. The app, which has already garnered interest from the artificial wave industry, will continue to pay out in hard currency for choice waves caught by our user base around the globe.
The revolutionary monetised gaming platform for action sports is here.
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CPH Open 2017 edit for RBMH tops 1.1M viewers, 82,000 on Youtube alone

The most-watched reportage of "skateboarding's Woodstock" by a country mile across all platforms including Youtube.
 Sensible Answers got vastly more eyes on the biggest skate contest of all time than anyone else. When was the last time a pure skate event had a seven-figure digital footprint?

Mystic Cup 2017 in RadSeason

By our own estimation, we have probably done more to promote this event that anyone else over the last number of years, having produced the most-watched edits from the last four years as well as covering it sporadically since first attending in 1996. RadSeason feature right here!