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Helping Red Bull Media House lead the pack in event coverage

Just released on is the latest commission on behalf of Red Bull Media House. Linking up once again with Zoom Media's David Chvatal (who took the above photo), this feature from CPH Open 2017 far outstrips what any of their peers delivered in terms of production values and turnaround. Shape of things to come right here.

O Marisquino skate contest in Vigo, Spain presents first Bolts Club 'Best Trick' jam

How's that for a flyer? O Marisquino, the annual action sports carnival held in the port of Vigo, Spain on 12 and 13 August 2017 will be powered by the Bolts Club app this year, as the app sponsors the Best Trick jam at their World Cup Skateboarding contest held within the wider free, weekend-long event.
Details of the live broadcast and other goings-on all available over on their rather splendid website.

Bolts Club x World Cup Skateboarding

Bolts Club, the cash-for-tricks app, has partnered with World Cup Skateboarding to become the official Best Trick app of the WCSK8 Tour.
This groundbreaking collaboration will see Bolts Club sponsor the Best Trick contest at World Cup Skateboarding's global tour stops beginning with O Marisquino in Vigo, Spain from the 11-13th of August.
As well as being the sole sponsor for Best Trick contests at WCS events, World Cup Skateboarding's international tribe can also win spot prizes along the tour and supplement their winnings by playing Bolts Club for cash from anywhere in the world.

World Cup Skateboarding host over 20 events that encompass the United States, Canada, England, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Switzerland, Australia, Malaysia and Brazil.

Mystic Cup coverage for Red Bull adds a further 28,000 viewers on Youtube

With CPH Open coming up this weekend which we will also be covering on behalf of RBMH we have consistently delivered among the most watched skateboard contest highlight edits in Europe in recent years. Evidence of this can be found in the 28,000 additional viewers who zoned in on our banging reel from Prague over the last 5 days since Red Bull added it to their Youtube channel.

Working with Red Bull and Mystic Skate Cup to promote Czech Tourism

Having first snuck into this event 21 years ago when it was in its infancy, we are really pleased to have been back in sunny Prague this past weekend to cover the Mystic Cup as we have done for a great number of the intervening years both in formal and informal ways. A great event in a fabulous city, our digital content from the weekend will be viewed hundreds of thousands of times across Red Bull websites and social media offering the brand great ROI, brand positioning and unbeatable content. A result all round, we think.