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Chilli Hills launches gourmet salt range

Chilli Hills, the Balkan chilli condiment range launched in 2015 and recently invested in by Smart Organics has added a new range to their offering. Available immediately through the Smart Organics distribution network, Chilli Hills gourmet salt is the first in a series of brand extensions under development. Follow them here.

Glen Molloy Creative x Bushmills Whisky - Answer The Call

More on the stellar rise of our very own Glen Molloy, whose nocturnal adornments of Belfast's docklands have seen him win a commission from Bushmills Whisky as part of their Answer The Call campaign. Glen was part of a takeover of Belfast's Filthy Quarter on the Dublin Road where he added four new faces to Northern Ireland's unofficial hall of fame. With views of his work around Belfast now running into the millions and re-posted by Conor McGregor and Ice Cube, Glen's work is only going to become more sought-after with every passing day. Enquiries via

Source Park features on RadSeason

Just a brief update drawing your doubtless beady eye to this feature on the Source Park in Hastings, England, with whom we have been working over the previous couple of years.
RadSeason is an excellent global action sports ideas, events and ticketing site based in Australia.