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Chilli Hills Foods announce partnership with Smart Organic

Chilli Hills Foods, the gourmet Balkan condiment brand, is pleased to announce it has entered a partnership agreement with Smart Organic, a leading producer and distributor of organic products.
Smart Organic have taken a minority stake in Chilli Hills Foods, offering support to Chilli Hills in marketing and distribution of the brand, as well as investment in development of the brand offering.
"We are partnering with a view to increasing production capacity to match the explosion in demand for our hot sauce range, as well as expanding the range of products which Chilli Hills offers. Thanks to this deal we can rapidly add scale.” said Alexander Kyourkiev, owner of Chilli Hills Foods.
Chilli Hills’ Balkan Hot Sauce range have become a runaway hit in their native Bulgaria, where their use of indigenous chilli varieties have quickly carved them out a unique market space since they launched in 2015. Today their hot sauces are served in restaurants, deli’s and health food stores throughout…