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Bolts Club picks up the pace with user-judged games

The early success of Bolts Club, the cash-for-tricks app, is set to spiral as word spreads of its instant paydays and new routes to market. Watch out for it clogging the social media feeds all this week as 7 entrants vie for another quick cash prize. Nowhere else, we tell you!

Introducing Stoke Brigade, the cash-for-waves app

Version 3 of Zelering Ltd's action sports app launches into the lucrative surf market today with all development responsibilities entrusted to Sensible Answers.
The app operates with stores and small brands directly by connecting with surfers via social media and by paid advertising campaigns. 
Advertisers receive geo-targeted advertising on the app for as little as $1 per day plus cash prizes to run their own customised contest via the app which they promote via their own media, just as Stoke Brigade do via their app and media spend.   The effect is to loop out the mainstream industry by connecting small stores and brands directly to their customers using the power of social media as a force multiplier at a fraction of the cost.

Battle Of Hastings, March 11 2017, Hastings, England

Just a reminder that the event is free for entrants and spectators, so come one come all, it is going to go off! £2000 prize purse and a week-long holiday are up for grabs as prizes. When was the last time a UK comp offered that?