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Bolts Club - first global winners announced!

Congratulations to Austria's Philipp Josephu and America's Elliot Murphy on their 125-dollar winning tricks on Bolts Club's first Best Trick game. The scaleable battle app allows games of any size to be played on a single spot, in a single park, or even of a single trick, global or local!
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Sensible Answers East: Chilli Hills links up with several major pizza outlets across Bulgaria.

Chilli Hills, the artesan Balkan chilli brand has joined forces with 10 of Bulgaria's best-known pizza providers to create Pizza Roulette. One slice of every pizza from the Ugo, Leo's and Godzila outlets which is ordered with the BG menu app has the option of being hit with Chilli Hills' very own sauce for an extra kick.
With samples delivered alongside to VIP diners and a viral campaign to add your party roulette pics, the sauce has reached a new vista of popularity in Bulgaria.

Blu Enigma x Source Park - Battle Of Hastings Best Trick prize announcement.

Bringing two of our clients together in what we hope will be a long and fruitful relationship for both parties, we are delighted to announce Greece's Blu Enigma hotel will be supplying the Best Trick prize of a week's holiday with them in Andros for Source Park's inaugural Battle Of Hastings skate contest on March 11 2017.

Bolts Club released on Android, launches first global best trick contest

The scaleable, geo-targeted best trick battle app is officially underway with a first 2-week global contest with a $250 prize purse.
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