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Bolts Club paying out £500 in cash prizes in conjunction with key skateshops in UK and Ireland

Bolts Club, the cash-for-tricks app is giving away more than £500 in cash payouts in store-based contests with some of the UK and Ireland's finest skateshops. 
The closed-loop advertising model allows the stores to run their own best-trick contests via the app, with judging and cash prizes distributed at each store's discretion.
Now ask yourself: who else is doing cool business like this these days? Upload and win!

Bolts Club gives away $100 to Macba skaters in first spot-specific in-app contest

Bolts Club, the cash-for-tricks app has just crowned 5 more cash winners via in-app games, this time from Barcelona's legendary Macba skatespot.
Skaters from as far apart as Austria, Morocco and Estonia uploaded their strongest tricks from the spot to receive instant cash payouts from the app via PayPal.
App users can now see every trick which won from the spot and add theirs.
Skateboarding's first monetised app gaming platform: upload and win!

Bolts Club secures Canadian R&D support, will give away $1000 with 8 UK skateshops

Bolts Club, the world's only cash-for-tricks app, has secured a tranche of research and development funding from a Canadian tech investment foundation.
As part of the funding cycle, Bolts Club has connected with 8 key skateshops throughout Britain and Ireland to run concurrent, month-long best trick contests adjudicated at the discretion of the stores.
Each store will promote and reward their own event via the Bolts Club app and social media.
By supporting grassroots industry and looping out all conventional media advertising, the project aims to demonstrate how a closed app-cycle can use archiving technology and games to create a virtuous circle, as well as push skateboarding at a local level in a way which is rarely done.

Bolts Club featured in Boardsport Source

Many thanks to Harry, Clive and everyone else at Boardsport Source B2B magazine for their support on this project. Great to see one of the industry's longest-running titles still going strong!
All your boardsport industry news is available right here.

Denis Lynn interview and video part for Red Bull Skateboarding

Delivering some unique branded content on behalf of Red Bull as part of our ongoing work in representing new talent to the world. Sensible Answers have had a particular emphasis in promoting talent from Ireland over the years, and having known Denis since he was 10 we are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with him on this feature for the enjoyment of Red Bull Skateboarding's 1.6 million social media followers.

Photo credit: Craig Dodds

Chilli Hills' summer 2017 web ad from the Black Sea

Chilli Hills, the Balkan condiment range launched by Sensible Answers East last year and now part-owned by Smart Organic, have released a little brand 'look and feel' edit for barbecue season in the Balkans.
Shot on location in Varna, Bulgaria, the edit caps a stratospheric year of growth for the brand including supermarket launches, which is almost unheard of this early in a branding cycle.
All you need to know is right here.

Stoke Brigade is paying out for waves right now

Stoke Brigade, the cash-for-waves app is bang in the middle of a working week of payouts for surfers from around the globe. The app, which has already garnered interest from the artificial wave industry, will continue to pay out in hard currency for choice waves caught by our user base around the globe.
The revolutionary monetised gaming platform for action sports is here.
Email us at for advertising packages and sponsor your own best trick game locally or globally!

CPH Open 2017 edit for RBMH tops 1.1M viewers, 82,000 on Youtube alone

The most-watched reportage of "skateboarding's Woodstock" by a country mile across all platforms including Youtube.
 Sensible Answers got vastly more eyes on the biggest skate contest of all time than anyone else. When was the last time a pure skate event had a seven-figure digital footprint?

Mystic Cup 2017 in RadSeason

By our own estimation, we have probably done more to promote this event that anyone else over the last number of years, having produced the most-watched edits from the last four years as well as covering it sporadically since first attending in 1996. RadSeason feature right here!

Helping Red Bull Media House lead the pack in event coverage

Just released on is the latest commission on behalf of Red Bull Media House. Linking up once again with Zoom Media's David Chvatal (who took the above photo), this feature from CPH Open 2017 far outstrips what any of their peers delivered in terms of production values and turnaround. Shape of things to come right here.

O Marisquino skate contest in Vigo, Spain presents first Bolts Club 'Best Trick' jam

How's that for a flyer? O Marisquino, the annual action sports carnival held in the port of Vigo, Spain on 12 and 13 August 2017 will be powered by the Bolts Club app this year, as the app sponsors the Best Trick jam at their World Cup Skateboarding contest held within the wider free, weekend-long event.
Details of the live broadcast and other goings-on all available over on their rather splendid website.

Bolts Club x World Cup Skateboarding

Bolts Club, the cash-for-tricks app, has partnered with World Cup Skateboarding to become the official Best Trick app of the WCSK8 Tour.
This groundbreaking collaboration will see Bolts Club sponsor the Best Trick contest at World Cup Skateboarding's global tour stops beginning with O Marisquino in Vigo, Spain from the 11-13th of August.
As well as being the sole sponsor for Best Trick contests at WCS events, World Cup Skateboarding's international tribe can also win spot prizes along the tour and supplement their winnings by playing Bolts Club for cash from anywhere in the world.

World Cup Skateboarding host over 20 events that encompass the United States, Canada, England, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Switzerland, Australia, Malaysia and Brazil.

Mystic Cup coverage for Red Bull adds a further 28,000 viewers on Youtube

With CPH Open coming up this weekend which we will also be covering on behalf of RBMH we have consistently delivered among the most watched skateboard contest highlight edits in Europe in recent years. Evidence of this can be found in the 28,000 additional viewers who zoned in on our banging reel from Prague over the last 5 days since Red Bull added it to their Youtube channel.

Working with Red Bull and Mystic Skate Cup to promote Czech Tourism

Having first snuck into this event 21 years ago when it was in its infancy, we are really pleased to have been back in sunny Prague this past weekend to cover the Mystic Cup as we have done for a great number of the intervening years both in formal and informal ways. A great event in a fabulous city, our digital content from the weekend will be viewed hundreds of thousands of times across Red Bull websites and social media offering the brand great ROI, brand positioning and unbeatable content. A result all round, we think.

Chilli Hills launches gourmet salt range

Chilli Hills, the Balkan chilli condiment range launched in 2015 and recently invested in by Smart Organics has added a new range to their offering. Available immediately through the Smart Organics distribution network, Chilli Hills gourmet salt is the first in a series of brand extensions under development. Follow them here.

Glen Molloy Creative x Bushmills Whisky - Answer The Call

More on the stellar rise of our very own Glen Molloy, whose nocturnal adornments of Belfast's docklands have seen him win a commission from Bushmills Whisky as part of their Answer The Call campaign. Glen was part of a takeover of Belfast's Filthy Quarter on the Dublin Road where he added four new faces to Northern Ireland's unofficial hall of fame. With views of his work around Belfast now running into the millions and re-posted by Conor McGregor and Ice Cube, Glen's work is only going to become more sought-after with every passing day. Enquiries via

Source Park features on RadSeason

Just a brief update drawing your doubtless beady eye to this feature on the Source Park in Hastings, England, with whom we have been working over the previous couple of years.
RadSeason is an excellent global action sports ideas, events and ticketing site based in Australia.

Bolts Club pays 5 new winners in 5 days!

Bolts Club, the cash for tricks app, has just completed their Manual Mayhem contest crowning another 5 cash winners back to back. This footage battles platform and spot map combined is an ideal advertising platforms for stores and small brands who don't find Facebook or Google Adwords to  be good value for money.

RadSeason: Snowboarding in Bulgaria

Delighted to be once again working with the good people at, this time to discuss the down-low on snowboarding in the resort of Borovets in Bulgaria. As well as supporting the development of the excellent RadSeason website as the global leader in action sports tourism and ticketing, the feature is yet another chapter in our ongoing work developing niche tourism in Bulgaria through our Sensible Answers East office in Sofia.
Full article here!

All built by human hand - the Blu Enigma, Andros, Greece

We have been blessed with a 4-day stay at our client's riding hotel in the Cycladean island of Andros, a 2-hour from the Athenian port of Rafina. The Blu Enigma represents a new form of adventure tourism, one of the several micro-genres of sustainable tourism which includes agro-tourism, eco-tourism, yoga and pilates retreats and so on.
 As you may be aware, our 2016 commission on behalf of Red Bull Media House entitled 'The Search For The Blu Enigma' was shortlisted for a Global Sport Tourism award at the World Travel Market tradeshow and has now been seen by almost a million people worldwide. We have returned full of ideas for the opportunities this unique project holds and look forward to deepening our relationship with owner Nikolaos Garyfallos to develop and promote action sports tourism within the Cyclades.

Chilli Hills Foods announce partnership with Smart Organic

Chilli Hills Foods, the gourmet Balkan condiment brand, is pleased to announce it has entered a partnership agreement with Smart Organic, a leading producer and distributor of organic products.
Smart Organic have taken a minority stake in Chilli Hills Foods, offering support to Chilli Hills in marketing and distribution of the brand, as well as investment in development of the brand offering.
"We are partnering with a view to increasing production capacity to match the explosion in demand for our hot sauce range, as well as expanding the range of products which Chilli Hills offers. Thanks to this deal we can rapidly add scale.” said Alexander Kyourkiev, owner of Chilli Hills Foods.
Chilli Hills’ Balkan Hot Sauce range have become a runaway hit in their native Bulgaria, where their use of indigenous chilli varieties have quickly carved them out a unique market space since they launched in 2015. Today their hot sauces are served in restaurants, deli’s and health food stores throughout…

Bolts Club picks up the pace with user-judged games

The early success of Bolts Club, the cash-for-tricks app, is set to spiral as word spreads of its instant paydays and new routes to market. Watch out for it clogging the social media feeds all this week as 7 entrants vie for another quick cash prize. Nowhere else, we tell you!

Introducing Stoke Brigade, the cash-for-waves app

Version 3 of Zelering Ltd's action sports app launches into the lucrative surf market today with all development responsibilities entrusted to Sensible Answers.
The app operates with stores and small brands directly by connecting with surfers via social media and by paid advertising campaigns. 
Advertisers receive geo-targeted advertising on the app for as little as $1 per day plus cash prizes to run their own customised contest via the app which they promote via their own media, just as Stoke Brigade do via their app and media spend.   The effect is to loop out the mainstream industry by connecting small stores and brands directly to their customers using the power of social media as a force multiplier at a fraction of the cost.

Battle Of Hastings, March 11 2017, Hastings, England

Just a reminder that the event is free for entrants and spectators, so come one come all, it is going to go off! £2000 prize purse and a week-long holiday are up for grabs as prizes. When was the last time a UK comp offered that?

Sensible Answers East - Bulgaria's biggest ever skate event, 2008

Where the idea of Sensible Answers stemmed from - one of our first live events in Bulgaria, 2008 with Carhartt. Watch out for a cameo from Usual Suspects actor Steven Baldwin!

Radseason at Simple Session 17

Quick linkage to an additional feature produced on behalf of the ever-excellent Radseason website looking at the 17th year of Estonia's Simple Session. Full feature including videos can be found right here!

Bolts Club supporting independent UK video production Just In Time

Yes indeed, we were pleased to put together Bolts Club, the cash-for-tricks app with Andy Evans' latest independent skate video project Just In Time. Fans of the oeuvre will doubtless be aware of Andy's quintessentially English take on skateboarding through previous masterworks such as Straight To Video and Heel Toe Magic. By supporting independent skateboarding projects and raising Bolts Club's profile within the UK courtesy of DVD duplication by Vans and free distribution courtesy of Power Distribution into all good UK skateshops, we believe we have created a little virtuous circle in which everyone wins. Love it when that happens.

Delivering the definitive edit from Estonia's Simple Session 17

We have just returned from Tallinn in Estonia where we were commissioned to produce and deliver a highlight feature from one of European youth culture's longest-running events, the Simple Session skate and BMX contest held annually in the Saku Suurhall in Estonia.
 Delivered on budget, on time and leading the skateboarding world in these vital event round-ups (see also our Copenhagen Pro and Mystic Cup commissions from 2016!), the edit will be viewed a projected 250,000 times by viewers of, and Tourism Estonia.

Bolts Club - first global winners announced!

Congratulations to Austria's Philipp Josephu and America's Elliot Murphy on their 125-dollar winning tricks on Bolts Club's first Best Trick game. The scaleable battle app allows games of any size to be played on a single spot, in a single park, or even of a single trick, global or local!
Contact us at for more! Next game coming up soon!!

Sensible Answers East: Chilli Hills links up with several major pizza outlets across Bulgaria.

Chilli Hills, the artesan Balkan chilli brand has joined forces with 10 of Bulgaria's best-known pizza providers to create Pizza Roulette. One slice of every pizza from the Ugo, Leo's and Godzila outlets which is ordered with the BG menu app has the option of being hit with Chilli Hills' very own sauce for an extra kick.
With samples delivered alongside to VIP diners and a viral campaign to add your party roulette pics, the sauce has reached a new vista of popularity in Bulgaria.

Blu Enigma x Source Park - Battle Of Hastings Best Trick prize announcement.

Bringing two of our clients together in what we hope will be a long and fruitful relationship for both parties, we are delighted to announce Greece's Blu Enigma hotel will be supplying the Best Trick prize of a week's holiday with them in Andros for Source Park's inaugural Battle Of Hastings skate contest on March 11 2017.

Bolts Club released on Android, launches first global best trick contest

The scaleable, geo-targeted best trick battle app is officially underway with a first 2-week global contest with a $250 prize purse.
More at: