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Introducing Bolts Club, the global cash-for-tricks battle app.

Bolts Club is the first of several iterations of monetised action sports apps which allow participants to upload and challenge one another with best tricks on any terrain for cash prizes in what is a world-first.  That is correct: best tricks are rewarded with cash, not prizes or any other incentives. The viral capabilities of that last sentence are already being demonstrated within the world of skateboarding as you can see from the Facebook page supporting the free IOS download where uploads from all around the world are flooding in and Bolts Club is paying out.
 We are inviting enquiries from advertisers, media and brands via and watch out for new versions landing soon for different boardsports.

White Stork re-issue Chilli Hills' craft beer collab!

The Bulgarian craft brewers White Stork have doubled down on the success of their chilli beer collaboration with Chilli Hills by announcing a second run of production for Christmas 2016.
As the photograph above shows, deliveries are being made to all their stockists as well as our Bulgarian HQ right now. Happy Christmas!

Sensible Answers East: Chilli Hills@SoBazaar, Sofia this weekend!

Chiili Hills, the artesan Balkan condiment brand launched by Sensible Answers East continues to go from strength to strength this year.
All this weekend Chilli Hills will be at SoBazaar, the high-end Sofia pop-up market for invited brands and guests. With strong demand from Sofia restaurants in the run up to Christmas, be sure to get yours snapped up if you are in town!
Event details here.