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Chilli Hills announce collaboration with Karabunar Winery, Bulgaria

'Chilli Hills is pleased to announce our new collaboration with Bulgaria’s Karabunar winery to produce a contemporary twist on their Kulturna rakia brand by launching a chilli- infused version of Bulgaria’s national drink.  Sofia’s most prestigious rakia restaurant Rakia Raketa, and her younger sister, the super- modern Sputnik bar, have since switched the vodka in their Bloody Mary’s in favour of the spicy grape warmth of Chilli Hills’ signature Balkan chillies, and a new cocktail is born- christened the ‘Luta Mara’.  The Kulturna chilli rakia range is now distributed throughout Bulgaria courtesy of the Karabunar winery's business infrastructure.'   -Rakia is a smooth grape brandy which is the national drink of Bulgaria. Regional variations abound and can command high prices in the many dedicated restaurants throughout the country.   -Chilli Hills is an artesanal Balkan chilli brand which produces and distributes frankly amazing chillies. sauces, marinades and rubs to shops, …

Chilli Hills exhibiting at Flora Expo on the Black Sea this weekend

Chilli Hills, the gourmet condiment brand developed and launched by Sensible Answers East in 2015, is appearing at the excellent Flora Expo in sunny Burgas, Bulgaria this weekend having just completed a greatly successful Kapana Fest in the historic city of Plovdiv this weekend just past (for previous Sensible Answers work with Plovdiv please see previous posts). As well as discussing licensing, sourcing and distribution throughout the exploding Balkan delicatessen market worldwide, you can also sample some of the sauces, rubs and marinades which have garnered a lot of attention in the region ahead of the wider European rollout to be announced early in 2017. Feel free to contact us at the Sensible Answers website if you are interested in the brand, development or strategy for your own products!