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Introducing Bolts Club, the global cash-for-tricks battle app.

Bolts Club is the first of several iterations of monetised action sports apps which allow participants to upload and challenge one another with best tricks on any terrain for cash prizes in what is a world-first.  That is correct: best tricks are rewarded with cash, not prizes or any other incentives. The viral capabilities of that last sentence are already being demonstrated within the world of skateboarding as you can see from the Facebook page supporting the free IOS download where uploads from all around the world are flooding in and Bolts Club is paying out.
 We are inviting enquiries from advertisers, media and brands via and watch out for new versions landing soon for different boardsports.

White Stork re-issue Chilli Hills' craft beer collab!

The Bulgarian craft brewers White Stork have doubled down on the success of their chilli beer collaboration with Chilli Hills by announcing a second run of production for Christmas 2016.
As the photograph above shows, deliveries are being made to all their stockists as well as our Bulgarian HQ right now. Happy Christmas!

Sensible Answers East: Chilli Hills@SoBazaar, Sofia this weekend!

Chiili Hills, the artesan Balkan condiment brand launched by Sensible Answers East continues to go from strength to strength this year.
All this weekend Chilli Hills will be at SoBazaar, the high-end Sofia pop-up market for invited brands and guests. With strong demand from Sofia restaurants in the run up to Christmas, be sure to get yours snapped up if you are in town!
Event details here.

Sensible Answers East: Skateboarding across Bulgaria featured in RadSeason

Another chapter in our promotion of Bulgarian society through the channels of youth culture sees the intrepid report on the epic skateboarding opportunities Bulgaria offers to the slightly more adventurous among you. Read our feature here and follow Radseason which has stolen a march on TripAdvisor's new 'Trips' rollout and is quickly establishing itself as a one- stop shop for ideas and tickets for leftfield experiences around the world.

Kris Vile's new skate part.

Ph: Jamie Harold Leading light of the UK skate scene Kris Vile put in the work on this year- highlight video part for Red Bull Media House where his full interview and best skate section to date is live now!

Sensible Answers x Glen Molloy Creative

We are pleased to announce as part of our artist representation work that we have linked up with Belfast street art luminary Glen Molloy.
The subject of several news pieces in Northern Ireland over recent days due to his iconic artisitic regeneration project near the city's docklands, Glen is also known to much of the country's youth as one of the pioneers of the electronic music scene in Northern Ireland, famously supporting Faithless at Belsonic. His story is told in the many vivid creations that he has been commissioned to deliver on behalf of small businesses and institutions he has enlivened throughout Ulster with his iconic paintwork.
 Glen is available for creative commissions and project management anywhere within the UK and beyond via the usual address:

Sensible Answers East: Bulgarian skater Yavor Stoyanov is on his way to Brazil to compete in Red Bull Skate Arcade!

Another first for Bulgaria making her mark on the world of contemporary culture just happened as Sofia's top boy Yavor Stoyanov boarded his flight from Sofia to Porto Alegre in Brazil to compete in this weekend's Red Bull Skate Arcade, the worldwide search for new skateboarding talent where a summer's worth of weekly online qualifiers is distilled down to 24 skaters from different countries who all meet in a head-to-head contest, this year being held at the IAPI skate plaza in Porto Alegre, where Rodrigo TX and Luan Oliveira cut their teeth. Alongside Estonia's Tim Prozorov they are flying the flag for New Europe in the southern hemisphere. Enjoy, gentlemen!
The Search For Blu Enigma, our 2016 commission for Red Bull Media House, has been shortlisted for a Global Sport Tourism Award. We are up against Manchester United and the Tour of Yorkshire for the digital marketing category which will be announced at WTM London next month.

Cycladean Island project adds a further 45,000 viewers in first week on Youtube

Episode 1 weighed in with a respectable 26,000+ views in its first week online, and episode 2 has already gone through the 20,000 views mark in its first 48 hours. Combined with the 3rd party seeding (see previous posts) and's 44 Million Facebook followers, this represents a huge ROI in terms of brand awareness and positioning.

The Search for Blu Enigma: core action sports edit meets adventure tourism meets destination marketing!

Our groundbreaking project to find and skate a secret European action sports hideaway on the Greek island of Andros reaches its conclusion today with the release of this edit from the Blu Enigma hotel which has been nominated for a European Sports Tourism award. As well as broadcasting to some of Red Bull's 46 million social media followers the action was also covered by core endemic print and online media too.

Sensible Answers East: Chilli Hills sauces now being served in Boom Burger.

'Chilli Hills Balkan Hot Sauce are delighted to announce that they are now gracing the tables of upscale burger eateries Boom Burger, the Bulgarian gourmet burger restaurants located on Karnigradska Street and Tzar Osvoboditel in the capital, Sofia.
The news comes as the result of a long history of collaboration between the brands, and includes the addition to the menu of a Chilli Hills- inspired “Mother of the Dragon” chilli burger.  Now all discerning burger heads in the capital can enjoy that spice the makes everything so nice on tap.
On all Boom Burger tables, you can now find unlimited Bulgarian Carrot pepper sauce specially produced for Boom by Chilli Hills. Also available upon request is our Ultra hot sauce- but best believe what it says on the bottle - it really is Ultra Hot!'
Chilli Hills is an artisanal Balkan chilli brand which produces and distributes frankly amazing chillies. sauces, marinades and rubs to shops, restaurants and thrill- seekers throughout Bulgaria and …

Elbisnes Productions' "Search For The Blu Enigma" features on Transworld Skateboarding.

Many thanks to Blair Alley and all our cohorts at the illustrious US magazine Transworld Skateboarding for featuring our commission on behalf of the Blu Enigma hotel in Andros, Greece.
Transworld's historical reach as a tastemaker in global youth culture is a perfect partner platform for Red Bull on whose behalf the project was produced. Full release regarding Elbisnes Productions shortly!

Skate edit meets adventure tourism meets destination marketing - The Search For The Blu Enigma

This is the link to part one of our 2- part commission on behalf of Red Bull, leading an international team of skateboarders from USA, Canada, Portugal, Bulgaria, Ireland and England on a trip through the Cycladean archipelago of Greece in search of a fabled hotel with a skate complex built into it.
The trip is live on and will be shared via social media with some of their 34 million followers. Full announcement on Elbisnes Productions shortly.

Homies Surf and Skate announce new surf camp and guesthouse in Costa de la Luz, SW Spain

As you may be aware courtesy of our work with the excellent site, Sensible Answers are working closely with our old friends Jaime Fontecilla and his excellent crew in the largely undiscovered surf paradise of El Palmar on Spain's southern Atlantic coast below Portugal. As part of their expansion, Homies are opening their new surf club and guesthouse on the 23rd of September 2016. We will shortly be bringing forth a schedule of projects with the boys and girls who make up the surf and skate scenes of one of Europe's last hidden corners. Get some.

Homies Surf and Skate announce Pro/ Am mini ramp contest

Our client Homies Surf and Skate are holding their annual Pro/ Am skate event on Friday 19th August 2016. Based in El Palmar beach, Andalucia, Spain, the event has grown year upon year and will take on an increasingly international flavour through our network and communication programme. Don't miss it if you are in the vicinity, always a terrific weekend!

Introducing the Blu Enigma hotel and bowl complex, Andros, Greece

Sensible Answers are delighted to announce a new partner in our destination marketing programme.
The Blu Enigma hotel and bowl in Andros, Greece is the subject of a 2-part online film commissioned for Red Bull's skateboarding channel featuring Brad Mc Clain, Alex Hallford, Jorge Simoes, Yavor Stoyanov and Thanos Panou going live in late August,.
Blu Enigma is also  the subject of  a feature for the fabulous Radseason website with whom are also proud to work in promoting amazing, leftfield destination experiences that you aren't going to hook up on Tripadvisor. Real talk.
Stay among friends and keep the underground alive, we say - our network is our net worth.
Sensible Answers will announce more unique trip collaborations shortly in conjunction with Radseason.
Link with them here.
Learn more about Blu Enigma here.

Chilli Hills features in Economy magazine.

Chilli Hills, the gourmet condiment line created by Sensible Answers East has just received another profile boost courtesy of the illustrious Bulgarian journal Economy Magazine. In their section devoted to brands-to-watch, Chilli Hills is profiled in depth alongside some impressive international newcomers. The e-version of the print magazine is available to read here!

Vietnam commission for Red Bull

Part one of Nick Richards' excellent three- parter for is now live on Youtube and running on the page which has over one million social media subscribers. Accompanying Nick on this unprecedented trip was Marcello Guardigli, the Italian multi-media whiz who created many memorable edits for Italy's Volume videomagazine before emigrating to Australia. He flew in to join the UK's Daryl Dominguez, US pro Jimmy Cao, Australians Dennis Durrant and Alex Lawton, and Maxim Habanec from Prague.
The result is this superb series which mixes adventure travel and core skate edit in a project with wide crossover appeal. We will have several new commissions going live over the rest of the summer and into 2017 which we will keep you posted about!
Photo: Marcello Guardigli

Mystic Cup 2016 event commission with David Chvatal

This is what event coverage should look like- we bucked the trend of Instagram clips to commission and deliver this extended highlight edit from Prague's Mystic Cup festival which is now entering its 23rd year of existence. The video asset shot by David Chvatal has been shared with the event itself as well as Czech tourism authorities and some of Red Bull's many millions of social media followers.

Introducing Homies Surf and Skate, El Palmar, Andalucia province, Spain

Sensible Answers are pleased to announce that we are now working alongside our friends at Homies Surf and Skate in south west Spain to promote their unique offering to surfers and skaters who want to experience family vibes and perfect conditions without blowing the budget.
With an annual pro/ am mini ramp contest, and ideal surf conditions right up to Christmas, you can read all about our experience with the guys and girls of El Palmar right here courtesy of

Introducing RadSeason

RadSeason is a new website devoted to adventures, event listings, and unusual sport excursions. Headed up by Oli Russell- Cowan, formerly of Factory Media, the site aims to become the go- to destination for action sports community events and trip planning whether to attend a festival like Prague's Mystic Cup, a TTR tour stop, or maybe plan a leftfield excursion like mountain- biking in Bulgaria, or touring the skateparks of Oregon. We are delighted to be involved with the project, about which you can find out more right here!

Chilli Hills announce collaboration with Karabunar Winery, Bulgaria

'Chilli Hills is pleased to announce our new collaboration with Bulgaria’s Karabunar winery to produce a contemporary twist on their Kulturna rakia brand by launching a chilli- infused version of Bulgaria’s national drink.  Sofia’s most prestigious rakia restaurant Rakia Raketa, and her younger sister, the super- modern Sputnik bar, have since switched the vodka in their Bloody Mary’s in favour of the spicy grape warmth of Chilli Hills’ signature Balkan chillies, and a new cocktail is born- christened the ‘Luta Mara’.  The Kulturna chilli rakia range is now distributed throughout Bulgaria courtesy of the Karabunar winery's business infrastructure.'   -Rakia is a smooth grape brandy which is the national drink of Bulgaria. Regional variations abound and can command high prices in the many dedicated restaurants throughout the country.   -Chilli Hills is an artesanal Balkan chilli brand which produces and distributes frankly amazing chillies. sauces, marinades and rubs to shops, …

Chilli Hills exhibiting at Flora Expo on the Black Sea this weekend

Chilli Hills, the gourmet condiment brand developed and launched by Sensible Answers East in 2015, is appearing at the excellent Flora Expo in sunny Burgas, Bulgaria this weekend having just completed a greatly successful Kapana Fest in the historic city of Plovdiv this weekend just past (for previous Sensible Answers work with Plovdiv please see previous posts). As well as discussing licensing, sourcing and distribution throughout the exploding Balkan delicatessen market worldwide, you can also sample some of the sauces, rubs and marinades which have garnered a lot of attention in the region ahead of the wider European rollout to be announced early in 2017. Feel free to contact us at the Sensible Answers website if you are interested in the brand, development or strategy for your own products!

Source Park on BBC news

Further exposure for our project, this time on Britain's standard bearer channel. The BBC clip can be seen in its entirety right here!

Source Park on ITV News

Further coverage of the upcoming opening of the Source Park in Hastings, England can be found on the ITV News website right here!
Sensible Answers are consulting with Source BMX on the project and will announce news regarding the first year of operation shortly.

Source Park appears in Daily Telegraph business section

A solid piece on the Source Park project in the current edition of Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper highlighting the owner's business acumen and their part in the wider regeneration of the historic British coastal town of Hastings. Sensible Answers are acting as consultants on the project and on the basis of meetings last week are set to make some big announcements shortly. Full text of Telegraph article of 19/01/2016 can be found here.

Sensible Answers East: Chilli Hills X White Stork Beer collaboration announced

Happy New Year from us to you. Starting the year off on the good foot, we are pleased to announce a collaboration between Chilli Hills, the artesanal chilli brand and craft beer brand White Stork.  Bang on trend for 2016, the craft beer industry has exploded in the last two years with major breweries snapping up small operators throughout the globe. White Stork is an unfiltered, unpasteurised beer brewed in Belgium to an old Bulgarian recipe, packing a tidy 7.3% punch. From now, a limited edition beer is available infused with the finest Habanero and Chipotle chilli kick money can by. Launching today, you can seek it out at any good craft beer emporium in Eastern Europe. Chilli Hills is a gourmet condiment brand created by Sensible Answers East last year. All enquiries: