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Sirus F Gahan x Ewen Bower @ Stockwell

This killer London feature from the Daily Grind series conceived and curated by Sensible Answers for RBMH has added a further 35,000 sets of eyeballs in recent weeks as it made its debut on Youtube. The series has so far seen key edits by the local legends in London, Vancouver, NYC, Livingston, Oregon and Madrid. International in scope and mixing mainstream interest with core demographic appeal, the series is set to run and run into 2016 and beyond.

This Is Britain: Bristol scene edit and interview with videographer James Harris.

All the top boys from the West of Britain and beyond feature in this slick edit we commissioned to showcase the talents of James Harris. The accompanying interview was translated into four languages and pushed out globally to some of Red Bull's 42 million Facebook followers.

Jussi Korhonen documentary commissioned by Sensible Answers now live on YouTube

Part of a series initiated by us to move online action sports brand positioning away from the noise of insta- clips and into the realms of something more substantial, this exhaustively- researched and edited life story demonstrates what is possible with the power of storytelling in a shouty world.