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IMT Plovdiv 2015 Wrapped.

An inspirational four days in Central Bulgaria working to build relationships with stakeholders in the Bulgarian economy from private to state sectors. Watch the video, imagine the possibilities and watch this space. Thank you once again to the organisers and delegates for your hospitality.

Chris Oliver London Street Edit now up on Red Bull Youtube Channel

The powerful edit and interview we organised with Britain's luminary urchin Chris Oliver has just been put up on RedBull's Youtube channel where it has scored a further 30,000 watches in just 48 hours, a figure which in itself matches the total viewership of similar videos on other platforms.
Step to Sensible Answers, get seen, and get paid. That's how it goes.

Tourism Bilbao picks up on Brian Lotti x Red Bull Edit 'Descending Bilbao'.

Bilbao International have made Descending Bilbao a highlight feature on their social media platforms after Sensible Answers linked up with them through our work in youth tourism (see posts elsewhere). Having brought together the artistic vision of Lotti and the brand direction and commercial power of Red Bull, a digital asset was created which serves both worlds equally: a banging skate video which is also a leftfield love letter to one of Europe's greatest cities. Tourism Bilbao's patronage has turned into a force multiplier for Red Bull, and Lotti's creation is a new- wave postcard for the city to promote itself both to and through youth culture.
Nice work all round, even if we do say so ourselves.

Photo Credit: Philipp Schuster/ RBMH

UK DIY skatespot project winners visit Bulgaria- video now live

Stoke- based Dazed Retail were crowned winners of the 2014 Red Bull UK's DIY project which Sensible Answers co- ordinated on their behalf. Of the 16 independent retailers involved, Dazed's wasteground creation was judged to have been the best use of the materials supplied by Jewson, and to they found themselves winging their way to Bulgaria where Sensible Answers East took them to meet up and exchange knowledge with the Sofia DIY crew before showing them some of that famous Bulgarian hospitality. Check the video of their adventure here!