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Second part of Brian Lotti x Red Bull collaboration is live!

After the runaway success of our #40 Shades Ireland project with Brian Lotti and Bobby Worrest for Red Bull Media House, a second digital project was commissioned to develop the series further.
This time set in the fabulous Basque city of Bilbao, it cements Lotti's reputation as a visionary on both sides of the lens, and provides Red Bull with a piece of branded content which will travel the globe wowing both the skateboarding world and fans of beautiful films more generally.
Part banger, part love letter to Bilbao, Descending Bilbao straddles the worlds of street skating, lifestyle marketing and tourism effortlessly. Sensible Answers is proud to have put this partnership together and for our part in bringing Brian's considerable talents back into the global spotlight.
 We will be announcing further collaborations shortly!

Route One in Madrid racks up an additional 44,000 YouTube views

Our commission brought so stylishly to life by Alex Winstanley from Route One was so well received that it featured in third party media both in the UK and Spain as well as coming to the attention of Tourism Spain through our attendance at WTM. As well as racking up hundreds of thousands of views in 4 languages on, it added a further 44,000 in a week when it aired on their youtube channel.

Sensible Answers to attend Bulgarian Tourism symposium as guests of Plovdiv municipality.

We are honoured to announce our attendance at the Sixth International Meeting of Tour Operators in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in April 2015. Following on from our years of work in Bulgaria and our opening of Sensible Answers East in Sofia last year, the conference will give us the opportunity to share our experience and skills with other companies seeking to build Bulgaria's stature as a destination.
 We look forward to working alongside the institutions and private businesses who are dedicated to seeing Plovdiv fulfill its promise as European Capital of Culture 2019.
We may even see a return of Steven Baldwin and the vert invitational event we hosted in Montana, Bulgaria a few years back!

Mark Kendrick's Reverberation

Think of it as England's answer to 'Cherry', but without the controversial hemlines.
We continue to work with the finest visual talents in our sector across Europe and give them platforms to flourish.
Mark Kendrick's Reverberation features a who's- who of underground skating talent from Manchester to London and is currently being viewed in 4 languages around the world.
Photo: Jeremy Jones, Wallie by Mark Kendrick

Friday Night Dance- Off at the SE_ East office!

We like a get- down with the best of them: check the video from when a local brand asked us to host a breakdance contest in our swanky Sofia office after hours last Friday.
Come and get involved sometime!