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#40 Shades Ireland/ Red Bull tour project breaks records.

Viewership numbers for the #40 Shades tour series edited by Brian Lotti in conjunction with Sensible Answers has broken the record for action sports viewership for a project based in Ireland.
385,000 people around the globe have by now tuned in to see Ireland as they have never seen it before.
 For purposes of comparison, this is more people than have watched Tourism Ireland's flagship youtube advert AND Red Bull's Cliff Diving feature from Inis Mor in 2014 combined.
We aim to build on this success in 2015 with a series of new projects to be announced in the coming months. Thank you for your help in putting Ireland on the global skateboarding map.
Photo: Keith Walsh, Portrush, by Niall O' Byrne

Sweet Skateboards in Bulgaria now up on Red Bull Youtube channel.

Happy New Year from us at Sensible Answers. We would like to offer you the chance to re- watch this international highlight of youth culture in 2014 brought to you by our Bulgarian office Sensible Answers East in collaboration with Red Bull Media House and Sweet Skateboards all the way from Sweden. This edit has now been viewed hundreds of thousands of times globally in four languages both on Red Bull's global website and third- party media sites around the world.

Switching focus to Scandinavia on behalf of RBMH

As followers of our humble work blog will doubtless be aware, Red Bull have been an important client of ours in 2014, not only in the UK where we organised the biggest skateboarding initiative they had ever undertaken back in the summer (see posts passim!), but also in fields as far flung as South East Asia and Scandinavia, where in the last month we have delivered content from both Sweden and Finland to ensure their skateboarding division is truly globally representative.
Check out Sweden's Mika Edin (photo above by Tuukka Kaila, who also famously shot our cover image on the SA website!) with a full video part and interview here, and Finland's Pirkka Pollari with a strong underground feature here. Happy New Year to all of you from us here at Sensible Answers!