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Sensible Answers sign long- term consultancy deal with Source Park, Hastings, UK

Sensible Answers are pleased to formally announce that we are providing consultancy services to Source BMX regarding their skatepark project which opens underneath Hastings seafront in February 2016.
 Source BMX are one of Europe's largest BMX distributors and approached Sensible Answers last year with a view to retaining our services to help deliver, develop and expand their unique offering in a converted Victorian bath house which lay dormant underneath the promenade in central Hastings for decades. Find out all about the project here or watch the teaser video here, and check back with us throughout 2016 and beyond for more updates on Britain's most unique youth leisure facility!

Thailand commission adds a further 65,000 viewers on Youtube

The digital project we commissioned for Red Bull has just been released on their Youtube channel having been the highlight on their website for the previous fortnight. Featuring the last footage of Justin Strubing as a pro skater for Santa Cruz skateboards, the project featured the photography of the excellent Richard West as well as the craftsmanship of filmer and editor Nick Richards and combined the skateboard culture of three continents. Episode one can be viewed below, and the whole feature on can be seen here.

Core content meets adventure tourism meets destination marketing

A new direction in action sports digital marketing from ourselves is unveiled here with the first part of a double header commission taking an elite team of skateboarders across Thailand in search of terrain which has never been documented on film before.
Perfectly straddling the worlds of core skate video, adventure tourism and destination marketing, these assets sit in a space which is accessible and alternative for mainstream adventure tourism afficionados, leftfield destination assets for Tourism authorities wishing to create new news around their brands, and exotic core content the like of which only our client can bring to life.

With our digital commissioning and strategy work going from strength to strength, we are poised to make a big announcement on the production front imminently. Stay tuned!

Watch part one of Siam Siam But Different which is broadcast in 4 languages to some of Red Bull's 37 million social media followers from today just by clicking this text.

Jewson press release on the UK- wide DIY skatepark project we established in conjunction with them.

Britain's largest builder's merchants have been blogging about their sterling contribution to a UK- wide DIY skatepark initiative which Sensible Answers acted as consultants for:

“Skateboarding is gaining more recognition as a sport in the UK and it’s popular among our younger customers,” said Simon Jones, Business Development Director at Jewson. “It’s great that through a competition like this they can create skate-able areas in their local communities.”

By working with all the main independent core skateshops throughout Great Britain, the project is now expanding year on year and the story has been picked up by trade periodicals such as DIY week, Builder's Merchant Journal and Builder's Merchant News.

Check out this short overview of the inaugural project!

Sensible Answers at Skate Arcade Global Final, Lisbon 2015

Sensible Answers were delighted to be invited to this amazing weekend in Lisbon, Portugal.
Big thanks to Red Bull Portugal for their hospitality and to Pedro Dylon who cranked out this excellent edit of the finals for Tony Hawk's RIDE Channel.
16 riders from around the globe were flown in having qualified from a 10,000- strong field of online entrants.
Superb engagement and great fun in an amazing city. Obrigado!

Skate Arcade grand final in downtown Lisbon next Saturday, 19th September 2015

The online skate contest with the offline final, Skate Arcade this year touches down in mighty downtown Lisbon, where 16 hungry Ams will be flown in from around the globe next week to do battle for the crown.
Last year’s winner was Jart’s Fernan Origel, 2013 saw Fabric’s Douwe Macare jet off to LA as victor; this year both the event and final prize both promise to blow Barcelona’s events out of the water. This year the contest had more than 10,000 entrants from 50 countries, making it one of the most open and democratic events in skateboarding’s yearbook. 
We hope to see you there for the blowout which will cap a summer's hard work for all concerned!

Sensible Answers East launch gourmet condiment and catering brand Chilli Hills with Men's Health splash

Our Sofia office have been hard at work over the last 12 months on a brand creation and incubation project on behalf of a boutique Balkan chilli farm and pop- up kitchen.
Chilli Hills have worked with both offices to create, brand and market the range of products made famous by their eponymous street kitchen which has delighted brands like Absolut, Harley Davidson and Red Bull with their contemporary twist on Balkan street food.
 With great promo both through online chilli devotees and print editorial such as above, Chilli Hills are well positioned for their planned 2016 rollout. The sauces are amazing, even if we do say so ourselves!

Sirus F Gahan x Ewen Bower @ Stockwell

This killer London feature from the Daily Grind series conceived and curated by Sensible Answers for RBMH has added a further 35,000 sets of eyeballs in recent weeks as it made its debut on Youtube. The series has so far seen key edits by the local legends in London, Vancouver, NYC, Livingston, Oregon and Madrid. International in scope and mixing mainstream interest with core demographic appeal, the series is set to run and run into 2016 and beyond.

This Is Britain: Bristol scene edit and interview with videographer James Harris.

All the top boys from the West of Britain and beyond feature in this slick edit we commissioned to showcase the talents of James Harris. The accompanying interview was translated into four languages and pushed out globally to some of Red Bull's 42 million Facebook followers.

Jussi Korhonen documentary commissioned by Sensible Answers now live on YouTube

Part of a series initiated by us to move online action sports brand positioning away from the noise of insta- clips and into the realms of something more substantial, this exhaustively- researched and edited life story demonstrates what is possible with the power of storytelling in a shouty world.

#40 Shades Ireland shortlisted for European Sport Tourism award.

We are beyond delighted to announce our record- breaking #40 Shades Ireland project has been shortlisted for a European Sport Tourism award. Conceived and delivered on behalf of Red Bull Media House and Red Bull Ireland, #40 Shades led the first ever professional skateboarding tour of Ireland last summer, with the resultant Brian Lotti film being wached more than 385,000 times online in 4 languages.  This was more than Tourism Ireland's Youtube advert, and Red Bull Ireland's Cliff Diving from Inis Mor- combined. In proving the level of interest in action sports culture and Ireland as a new youth destination, we are proud to be shortlisted against illustrious peers such as the Tour Of Yorkshire and the IAAF Half- Marathon Series. Fingers crossed for the big night!

IMT Plovdiv 2015 Wrapped.

An inspirational four days in Central Bulgaria working to build relationships with stakeholders in the Bulgarian economy from private to state sectors. Watch the video, imagine the possibilities and watch this space. Thank you once again to the organisers and delegates for your hospitality.

Chris Oliver London Street Edit now up on Red Bull Youtube Channel

The powerful edit and interview we organised with Britain's luminary urchin Chris Oliver has just been put up on RedBull's Youtube channel where it has scored a further 30,000 watches in just 48 hours, a figure which in itself matches the total viewership of similar videos on other platforms.
Step to Sensible Answers, get seen, and get paid. That's how it goes.

Tourism Bilbao picks up on Brian Lotti x Red Bull Edit 'Descending Bilbao'.

Bilbao International have made Descending Bilbao a highlight feature on their social media platforms after Sensible Answers linked up with them through our work in youth tourism (see posts elsewhere). Having brought together the artistic vision of Lotti and the brand direction and commercial power of Red Bull, a digital asset was created which serves both worlds equally: a banging skate video which is also a leftfield love letter to one of Europe's greatest cities. Tourism Bilbao's patronage has turned into a force multiplier for Red Bull, and Lotti's creation is a new- wave postcard for the city to promote itself both to and through youth culture.
Nice work all round, even if we do say so ourselves.

Photo Credit: Philipp Schuster/ RBMH

UK DIY skatespot project winners visit Bulgaria- video now live

Stoke- based Dazed Retail were crowned winners of the 2014 Red Bull UK's DIY project which Sensible Answers co- ordinated on their behalf. Of the 16 independent retailers involved, Dazed's wasteground creation was judged to have been the best use of the materials supplied by Jewson, and to they found themselves winging their way to Bulgaria where Sensible Answers East took them to meet up and exchange knowledge with the Sofia DIY crew before showing them some of that famous Bulgarian hospitality. Check the video of their adventure here!

Second part of Brian Lotti x Red Bull collaboration is live!

After the runaway success of our #40 Shades Ireland project with Brian Lotti and Bobby Worrest for Red Bull Media House, a second digital project was commissioned to develop the series further.
This time set in the fabulous Basque city of Bilbao, it cements Lotti's reputation as a visionary on both sides of the lens, and provides Red Bull with a piece of branded content which will travel the globe wowing both the skateboarding world and fans of beautiful films more generally.
Part banger, part love letter to Bilbao, Descending Bilbao straddles the worlds of street skating, lifestyle marketing and tourism effortlessly. Sensible Answers is proud to have put this partnership together and for our part in bringing Brian's considerable talents back into the global spotlight.
 We will be announcing further collaborations shortly!

Route One in Madrid racks up an additional 44,000 YouTube views

Our commission brought so stylishly to life by Alex Winstanley from Route One was so well received that it featured in third party media both in the UK and Spain as well as coming to the attention of Tourism Spain through our attendance at WTM. As well as racking up hundreds of thousands of views in 4 languages on, it added a further 44,000 in a week when it aired on their youtube channel.

Sensible Answers to attend Bulgarian Tourism symposium as guests of Plovdiv municipality.

We are honoured to announce our attendance at the Sixth International Meeting of Tour Operators in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in April 2015. Following on from our years of work in Bulgaria and our opening of Sensible Answers East in Sofia last year, the conference will give us the opportunity to share our experience and skills with other companies seeking to build Bulgaria's stature as a destination.
 We look forward to working alongside the institutions and private businesses who are dedicated to seeing Plovdiv fulfill its promise as European Capital of Culture 2019.
We may even see a return of Steven Baldwin and the vert invitational event we hosted in Montana, Bulgaria a few years back!

Mark Kendrick's Reverberation

Think of it as England's answer to 'Cherry', but without the controversial hemlines.
We continue to work with the finest visual talents in our sector across Europe and give them platforms to flourish.
Mark Kendrick's Reverberation features a who's- who of underground skating talent from Manchester to London and is currently being viewed in 4 languages around the world.
Photo: Jeremy Jones, Wallie by Mark Kendrick

Friday Night Dance- Off at the SE_ East office!

We like a get- down with the best of them: check the video from when a local brand asked us to host a breakdance contest in our swanky Sofia office after hours last Friday.
Come and get involved sometime!

Bringing the heat from Scotland

Second instalment in a global series we conceived and delivered for Red Bull Media House focussing on internationally renowned skateparks and the unique talents they create. Watch Craig 'Benson' Stewart do his thing in Livingston, Scotland. Scene, not herd.

Sensible Answers add Germany, Austria, Switzerland to digital territory.

Felix Loechel's superb 'Grounded Theory' videofolio is the first of a wave of new content edited by Sensible Answers on behalf of RBMH as they go from strength to strength in the online action sports content game.

#40 Shades Ireland/ Red Bull tour project breaks records.

Viewership numbers for the #40 Shades tour series edited by Brian Lotti in conjunction with Sensible Answers has broken the record for action sports viewership for a project based in Ireland.
385,000 people around the globe have by now tuned in to see Ireland as they have never seen it before.
 For purposes of comparison, this is more people than have watched Tourism Ireland's flagship youtube advert AND Red Bull's Cliff Diving feature from Inis Mor in 2014 combined.
We aim to build on this success in 2015 with a series of new projects to be announced in the coming months. Thank you for your help in putting Ireland on the global skateboarding map.
Photo: Keith Walsh, Portrush, by Niall O' Byrne

Sweet Skateboards in Bulgaria now up on Red Bull Youtube channel.

Happy New Year from us at Sensible Answers. We would like to offer you the chance to re- watch this international highlight of youth culture in 2014 brought to you by our Bulgarian office Sensible Answers East in collaboration with Red Bull Media House and Sweet Skateboards all the way from Sweden. This edit has now been viewed hundreds of thousands of times globally in four languages both on Red Bull's global website and third- party media sites around the world.

Switching focus to Scandinavia on behalf of RBMH

As followers of our humble work blog will doubtless be aware, Red Bull have been an important client of ours in 2014, not only in the UK where we organised the biggest skateboarding initiative they had ever undertaken back in the summer (see posts passim!), but also in fields as far flung as South East Asia and Scandinavia, where in the last month we have delivered content from both Sweden and Finland to ensure their skateboarding division is truly globally representative.
Check out Sweden's Mika Edin (photo above by Tuukka Kaila, who also famously shot our cover image on the SA website!) with a full video part and interview here, and Finland's Pirkka Pollari with a strong underground feature here. Happy New Year to all of you from us here at Sensible Answers!