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Sensible Answers East launches Chilli Hills' Street Kitchen in Bulgaria

If you have been in or around Sofia over the summer then you may well have caught the tastes, sights and sounds of Chilli Hills Street Kitchen, the big new arrival on Bulgaria's street food scene.
 Providing a gourmet food service with a little bit of spice to make existence extra nice, the Street Kitchen is but one facet of the Chili Hills brand which will roll out through 2015.
 Sensible Answers consulted on the entire branding programme and strategy for Chilli Hills, who have already worked alongside Grindhouse, Sea Gardens Festival, Red Bull, Absolut and Wasted Fest this summer alone helping establish the brand as the taste of Bulgarian summer.
Check them out right here!

2014's biggest UK skate project was our scene- building initiative with Red Bull & Jewson.

So after a long summer of building DIY skateparks throughout the UK, the summer's biggest skateboarding initiative in Britain draws to a close with no less than 16 different independent skateshops collaborating on a grassroots project to put the power of creation into the hands of skaters themselves. Sensible Answers set up the project on behalf of our friends at Red Bull UK and co- ordinated the media liaison which got the brand message out there, helping Red Bull to align itself with a core tastemaking demographic in the influential UK scene. The project will return in 2015.

Introducing Parking Lot

We hold in our trembling hands issue 0 of Parking Lot, a brand new print project based out of Amsterdam to which we have contributed content and ideas. These independent projects to us represent the future of cultural differentiation in an era of internet shoutiness. Get your copy or get involved by clicking on this link!