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Heavy digital content provision for Red Bull in 4 languages

Part of our ongoing work for client Red Bull in the international digital content sphere includes this recent smoker of an interview and skate edit from British skateboarding legend Chris Oliver. Our content goes out across Red Bull's global site with 44 million social media followers, and into homes across the world via the Red Bull app on Apple's Smart TV. Watch Chris destroy the streets of London right here!

More Ireland goodness on behalf of Red Bull

This banger is but one of the stills from a pretty sensational video section from Dublin's very own Gav Coughlan which we commissioned and curated for Red Bull Media House's new skateboarding channel. Expected to garner over half a million views all told, it will keep his sponsors Zero, Volcom and Theeve in the minds of every skateboarder in Ireland as well as on those of the channel's 400,000+ international followers in all 4 major European languages. Result all round!