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Red Bull Skateboarding presents: Bobby Worrest and Friends- an Ireland tour video project by Brian Lotti

Original artwork by Brian Lotti.
Sensible Answers are delighted to present a project which has been some years in the making.
The legendary skateboarder, painter and filmmaker Brian Lotti will be coming to Ireland right off the back of the Bright Tradeshow in Berlin to make a film about skateboarding in Ireland with Krooked Skateboards pro Bobby Worrest. We will be touring Ireland from North to South meeting up with locals  all along the way to make a unique document of a moment in time. Many thanks to Red Bull for their vision in making this happen.

Feature article on UK's Death Skateboards in Huck Magazine

Very pleased to have worked on this piece about Nick Orecchio and his organisation on behalf of Huck Magazine's DIY issue. Proof that print is very much alive and well in this digital age. We always contended that bubblegum journalism did as much to harm magazine culture as the internet ever did. This article hopefully went some way to redress that and produce something substantive on youth culture both in print and online.