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Sensible Answers presents 40 Shades: Bobby Worrest and friends in Ireland by Brian Lotti

As alluded to in several previous updates, a long- simmering collaboration with the sublimely talented Brian Lotti culminated in Ireland's first ever pro skateboarding tour this summer on behalf of Red Bull.
The resulting video series is currently going stratospheric in 4 languages on Red Bull's website and has been entered into the Irish marketing Awards.
Sensible Answers conceived, co- ordinated, executive produced and delivered the entire project which you can see here!

Working with UK's biggest skate and streetwear chain Route One to promote Madrid.

Some sterling work from Alex Winstanley in making Madrid look so good in this cross- platform branded content project we commissioned. As well as the video asset which went live this morning in 4 languages globally from Red Bull's Austrian HQ, there was also a print feature in Route One's own in- house magazine. Top darts all round!

Kool Events Bulgaria hosting DIY concrete workshop and afterparty tonight.

All details are available here, get involved and help develop the skateboarding scene in Bulgaria, then come by the SkateBG office later to celebrate a new initiative on behalf of Red Bull.

Introducing the YUX! ART EDITION graffiti/ design project.

We were happy to link up with our friends at Austrian imprint YUX! to help them promote their unique, independent collaborative project with 9 luminaries of the contemporary European street art for their new range of boards. Each board was hand- signed during a 3,500 kilometre trip to make a documentary feature on each artist and skate the boards around Europe. Watch the edits and get your collectors item here!

Hanging out with the great and good of Bulgarian cultural promotion!

Last week we were invited to link up with some lovely people who work very hard in promoting the fabulous country of Bulgaria. We would like once again to thank them for their hospitality, generosity of spirit, and really excellent wine tasting (hence the blurry photo!). We look forward to working alongside many of you in 2015.

Sensible Answers East launches Chilli Hills' Street Kitchen in Bulgaria

If you have been in or around Sofia over the summer then you may well have caught the tastes, sights and sounds of Chilli Hills Street Kitchen, the big new arrival on Bulgaria's street food scene.
 Providing a gourmet food service with a little bit of spice to make existence extra nice, the Street Kitchen is but one facet of the Chili Hills brand which will roll out through 2015.
 Sensible Answers consulted on the entire branding programme and strategy for Chilli Hills, who have already worked alongside Grindhouse, Sea Gardens Festival, Red Bull, Absolut and Wasted Fest this summer alone helping establish the brand as the taste of Bulgarian summer.
Check them out right here!

2014's biggest UK skate project was our scene- building initiative with Red Bull & Jewson.

So after a long summer of building DIY skateparks throughout the UK, the summer's biggest skateboarding initiative in Britain draws to a close with no less than 16 different independent skateshops collaborating on a grassroots project to put the power of creation into the hands of skaters themselves. Sensible Answers set up the project on behalf of our friends at Red Bull UK and co- ordinated the media liaison which got the brand message out there, helping Red Bull to align itself with a core tastemaking demographic in the influential UK scene. The project will return in 2015.

Introducing Parking Lot

We hold in our trembling hands issue 0 of Parking Lot, a brand new print project based out of Amsterdam to which we have contributed content and ideas. These independent projects to us represent the future of cultural differentiation in an era of internet shoutiness. Get your copy or get involved by clicking on this link!

Heavy digital content provision for Red Bull in 4 languages

Part of our ongoing work for client Red Bull in the international digital content sphere includes this recent smoker of an interview and skate edit from British skateboarding legend Chris Oliver. Our content goes out across Red Bull's global site with 44 million social media followers, and into homes across the world via the Red Bull app on Apple's Smart TV. Watch Chris destroy the streets of London right here!

More Ireland goodness on behalf of Red Bull

This banger is but one of the stills from a pretty sensational video section from Dublin's very own Gav Coughlan which we commissioned and curated for Red Bull Media House's new skateboarding channel. Expected to garner over half a million views all told, it will keep his sponsors Zero, Volcom and Theeve in the minds of every skateboarder in Ireland as well as on those of the channel's 400,000+ international followers in all 4 major European languages. Result all round!

Red Bull Skateboarding presents: Bobby Worrest and Friends- an Ireland tour video project by Brian Lotti

Original artwork by Brian Lotti.
Sensible Answers are delighted to present a project which has been some years in the making.
The legendary skateboarder, painter and filmmaker Brian Lotti will be coming to Ireland right off the back of the Bright Tradeshow in Berlin to make a film about skateboarding in Ireland with Krooked Skateboards pro Bobby Worrest. We will be touring Ireland from North to South meeting up with locals  all along the way to make a unique document of a moment in time. Many thanks to Red Bull for their vision in making this happen.

Feature article on UK's Death Skateboards in Huck Magazine

Very pleased to have worked on this piece about Nick Orecchio and his organisation on behalf of Huck Magazine's DIY issue. Proof that print is very much alive and well in this digital age. We always contended that bubblegum journalism did as much to harm magazine culture as the internet ever did. This article hopefully went some way to redress that and produce something substantive on youth culture both in print and online.

Running 16 parallel DIY skate projects for Red Bull UK


Sensible Answers announce the launch of a summer- long DIY concrete project which brings together Britain's most respected skateshops, a handful of maverick DIY builder collectives, and the world's number one energy drink in an initiative to bolster grassroots skate scenes across the UK. Stay tuned for updates as the summer rolls on!

Global Social Media and Digital Content Curation for Red Bull Brazil!

The satellite connections have been cut, the cables wrapped up and we are finished our third collaboration on a live skateboarding webcast for Red
This was our second time broadcasting live online from Brazil in 12 months, and in between times we also did the live commentary and Twitter updates during Estonia's Simple Session. Utilising the Red Bull App on Apple TV we had the ability to reach 13 million screens.
 Red Bull's Skate Generation was live on Sunday the 6th of April from Florianopolis, Brazil. Watch the highlights here.

Sensible Answers present proposals for Sofia Street Park to Bulgarian Government, Press.

Our new Eastern European office was at hand to step in and deliver a structured proposal for the creation of a youth interface space for the Sofia Street Park initiative scheduled for the Bulgarian capital in 2014.
Addressing Sports Minister Maria Georgieva and the Bulgarian press was our own Alex Kyourkiev, who delivered a powerful case for creating such a space. Sensible Answers were subsequently named as consultants for the project, although due to commitments elsewhere we were forced to decline.

Webcasting from Simple Session 14 with Red Bull and Apple!

We had the privilege of working with Red Bull TV and Apple TV to bring the Simple Session from Tallinn, Estonia live into 13 million households this last weekend. We provided the colour commentary and social media feeds throughout the weekend event with great responses from viewers and organisers alike. We look forward to the next live webcast in what seems certain to be the future of action sports event broadcasting!

Sensible Answers announce new Eastern Europe office.

Following a string of new business wins and a long summer of projects, Sensible Answers is delighted to announce the opening of our first international office in Sofia, Bulgaria. As more brands and institutions seek to do good things within the realm of youth culture, Sensible Answers are now even better positioned to advise, create and inspire on their behalf both in established and emerging markets. Our new office is in the Pirotska district and is headed up by Alex Kyourkiev. The office will also serve as the headquarters for Virus Skateboards, Sandomax Distribution and Kool Events.
All enquiries to: