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Guest Editor of East Coast's mighty Focus magazine

Something I have noticed about movements is how they can mirror the structure of the landscape they sought to replace. In Eastern Europe people still use communal utilities like grape presses because it’s what they know from Iron Curtain times. They find the familiarity of it reassuring. Of all the great things to come out of being youngish, outside and alive, skateboarding is clearly the one great find. However what it shares with all ‘no rules’ cultures is an invisible hierarchy constituted of perceived legitimacy. I’m here to tell you it’s a house of cards. You hear a lot these days in sub cultures about what constitutes ‘legit’, but here’s what I think: legit is as legit does. Because it is a collective shapeshifter, legitimacy is in crisis. The legit guys are all broke and you can’t eat cool. Where this is taking the centre ground of skating is anybody’s guess, but what it means to us is: think for yourself, support what you like and don’t worry your head about …