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Copywriting for TSG

Helping enunciate the scientific data and design features of the new TSG youth helmet range, with translations into every major European language alongside the wonderful Organic Thought Farm.
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Piece on contemporary culture trends for Huck Magazine

It is vital for us to keep strong connections to the media as part of our strategy work on behalf of brands, so we will be increasing our output in both spheres in 2013, including this recent piece for the lovely Huck magazine.
 Love to hear your thoughts!

Helping TSG's tradeshow launches

Off the back of our work for Vans, Sensible Answers is pleased to unveil our recent work on behalf of safety dons TSG. Our partners at Organic Thought Farm invited us to come on board with naturalisation and transliteration of TSG's B2B assets for the tradeshow season. We delivered completed products on a very short timescale and the feedback from TSG was glowing. After a strong tradeshow series TSG are scheduled to announce new product lines for 2013. We look forward to working with them in the very near future.