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Interviewed in A Brief Glance magazine.

Very honoured to have graced the digital pages of Italy's A Brief Glance magazine with a lookback over my career in magazines.

ProGaming Platforms Finalizes New Multiplayer Rewards-Based Puzzle Game

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL (Marketwire – 4/XX/12) – ProGaming Platforms Corp. (OTCBB: PPTF) (OTCQB: PPTF), developer of a commercial multiplayer online gaming and reward processing platform, today announces the finalizing of its latest product, a pioneering multiplayer puzzle game that is integrating ProGaming’s revolutionary platform. The game showcases ProGaming’s capability to transform virtually any Web game into a multiplayer competitive game of skill using its versatile platform.
The platform’s first commercial use will be serving the online advertising industry by allowing different organizations to hold multiplayer tournaments for the purpose of increasing traffic to desired Websites.The next phase of the puzzle game’s development will focus on implementingFacebook API to provide an innovative and interactive rewards-based puzzle gaming experienceto users.
ProGaming’s new puzzle game enables jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts to take their hobby to a whole new level. With the puzzle game,participa…