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Full text of TSM editorial!

What does skateboarding mean?You will have doubtless asked yourself the same question at some point in the middle of one of those flinching skateboarding daydreams you’ve been having. It’s alright- we all have them. What is this skating lark all about, exactly? How can just standing sideways on the most simple of man’s transportative inventions come to represent so much? And it does represent much:It can be argued that right now, today, skateboarding has become the most culturally influential performance art in history. And yet even that attempt to crystallise the ethereal nature of skate culture contains within it a load of turn- offs for other skateboarders. Performance art? Come on. It’s just an exciting portal to innocence.But if you accept that reality (and it is a reality), then how can it come to dominate every aspect of our lives, the way we look at the world around us, and how can it have changed the worlds of fashion, art, music, design, sport, TV, architecture- and (say it…

Sensible Answers introduce Inhouse

Once again the reason for radio silence has been a lot of background work to arrive at the point where we can announce our new partner in the UK, Inhouse Interactive. Inhouse design exhibitions for kids museums, visitor's centres and on behalf of many global brands. We are honoured that they have chosen Sensible Answers to guide them into new territory.