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Sensible Answers help connect Burn Energy Drink with Polish youth culture.

The above rendering is the first glimpse of a new indoor bowl currently under construction in Warsaw, Poland. When we were asked by King Ramps and Coca Cola's new energy drink Burn to help appoint a liaison within the Polish youth culture scene we reached out to an old comrade from our magazine days and from there the ball started rolling! The result is a multi- use facility which will allow the skate scene in Poland to flourish even in the depths of Winter. Check the opening party below. We are proud to been able to have put Coca Cola's money together with this great DIY project. Great work Kuba.

Re- introducing Brian Lotti

Sensible Answers are delighted to add skateboarding legend and fine art watercolourist Brian Lotti to our roster of artists and collaborators. Look out for his first major magazine interview in 20 years coming up in HUCK magazine's Christmas issue!

Back on the grind with VANS

A few late nights lately at the behest of Vans Footwear putting the finishing touches to their B2B assets ahead of the holiday season. The only downside is with so much tasty gear passing under our noses, our lists to Santa grow by the minute. Some really exciting new directions for Vans including some retro gear which harks right back to the era of the Van Doren Rubber Co. from which Vans Footwear originally emanated!

Second B2B boardsport trends article from SOURCE November.

The Elephant In The Skateshop: are microscooters keeping the lights on in independent skateshops, or ruining skating?

The recent rise in the popularity of micro-scooters has split skateshop owners down the middle.
On one side of the argument, we are currently enjoying a widespread boom in the creation of multi-purpose alternative youth zones which skateboarding in no small part helped to create and shouldn’t be too sniffy about reaping the benefits of. Skateboarding, this argument runs, has always needed its gay little brother to pretend is ruining its cooler more mature image. A decade ago that gay little brother was rollerblading. Now rollerblading is to all intents and purposes gone, and in its place comes scooters.
 Many other skate shops sell what might be called lifestyle peripherals anyway
- longboards, hackey sacks, headphones, paint, sunglasses - what’s the difference?
On the other hand, the counter-argument is precisely that skating got its shit together just in
time to bequ…

Patterns in youth culture article for Boardsport Source magazine.

I wonder if you’ve seen Tony Hawk’s RIDE channel on YouTube yet? If you haven’t absolutely do go and get into it, without question it is the best skate related scheduling on there at the moment- better than Epicly Later’d, better than The Berrics. One of their ’big tent’ offerings this last summer on their SPOTS programme was a pretty definitive history of the iconic Del Mar Skate Ranch. If you’ve ever seen wobbly, soft focus VHS footage of bright yellow kneepads, day- glo T- shirts and alarmingly short shorts from the height of skateboarding’s romantic era in the early 1980’s, it was almost certainly from here. To call the Del Mar Skate Ranch iconic is to dabble in understatement that seems churlish, but the truth is that the golden era of skateparks is actually right now, and it’s only when you step back that the ‘woah’ factor comes into it. We have always been around skateparks because we sought them out, but today across Europe we have parks cropping up in the most unlikely plac…

Sensible Answers for Vans' LXVI range

One of our bigger tasks of the summer has been working on the B2B side of the new LXVI range for Vans Footwear (part of the Vanity Fair Corporation portfolio). It has been not only great to work with some old friends (Marion Schmitz, former editor of 2 Freeski magazine) but to have had a sneak preview not just of this exciting new range for Vans but of their sensational California range too. WANT!

Photo Syndication for Extreme Music

This is the cover for Extreme's punk rock compilation utilising a photograph I negotiated the licensing of on behalf of freelance photographer Alberto Polo. We maintain close relationships with several luminary photographers within the field of boardsports more about whom you can discover via a mail!

Brand Positioning for Pro Gaming Corp.

Sensible Answers have been hard at work on behalf of gaming technology innovators Pro Gaming Corp and are glad to unveil their new iteration for the marketplace. Investors and internet venture capitalists please take a closer look or mail us at for a synopsis.

Interviewed in A Brief Glance magazine.

Very honoured to have graced the digital pages of Italy's A Brief Glance magazine with a lookback over my career in magazines.

ProGaming Platforms Finalizes New Multiplayer Rewards-Based Puzzle Game

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL (Marketwire – 4/XX/12) – ProGaming Platforms Corp. (OTCBB: PPTF) (OTCQB: PPTF), developer of a commercial multiplayer online gaming and reward processing platform, today announces the finalizing of its latest product, a pioneering multiplayer puzzle game that is integrating ProGaming’s revolutionary platform. The game showcases ProGaming’s capability to transform virtually any Web game into a multiplayer competitive game of skill using its versatile platform.
The platform’s first commercial use will be serving the online advertising industry by allowing different organizations to hold multiplayer tournaments for the purpose of increasing traffic to desired Websites.The next phase of the puzzle game’s development will focus on implementingFacebook API to provide an innovative and interactive rewards-based puzzle gaming experienceto users.
ProGaming’s new puzzle game enables jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts to take their hobby to a whole new level. With the puzzle game,participa…

Pan- European youth title I founded reaches 100th issue!

Kingpin Magazine, which I started way back in 2001/2 and was Editor in chief of for the next 8 years passes a milestone this month with it's 100th issue. Congrats to Deeli, Sem, Jan and everyone who worked on or appeared in it down the years! Up skateboarding!!

ProGaming Corp stock market launch imminent

Sensible Answers and Inhouse Interactive are pleased to announce our involvement in the launch of this revolutionary video- gaming concept. Find out for yourself here.

Full text of TSM editorial!

What does skateboarding mean?You will have doubtless asked yourself the same question at some point in the middle of one of those flinching skateboarding daydreams you’ve been having. It’s alright- we all have them. What is this skating lark all about, exactly? How can just standing sideways on the most simple of man’s transportative inventions come to represent so much? And it does represent much:It can be argued that right now, today, skateboarding has become the most culturally influential performance art in history. And yet even that attempt to crystallise the ethereal nature of skate culture contains within it a load of turn- offs for other skateboarders. Performance art? Come on. It’s just an exciting portal to innocence.But if you accept that reality (and it is a reality), then how can it come to dominate every aspect of our lives, the way we look at the world around us, and how can it have changed the worlds of fashion, art, music, design, sport, TV, architecture- and (say it…

Sensible Answers introduce Inhouse

Once again the reason for radio silence has been a lot of background work to arrive at the point where we can announce our new partner in the UK, Inhouse Interactive. Inhouse design exhibitions for kids museums, visitor's centres and on behalf of many global brands. We are honoured that they have chosen Sensible Answers to guide them into new territory.