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Recently I had occasion to ask Jagger about skateboarding. Jagger is a face from the British skateboarding scene, and possibly the first non American to ever grace Thrasher magazine’s Hall Of Meat after a particularly rapid tram track hang up whilst hill bombing in San Francisco. It is fair to say that he sees the long view.
“The activity of skateboarding has never been stronger” he noted “-its just the skateboarding business that is having a hard time.”
Skateboarding has never been more popular and yet the changes in manufacturing and distribution mean that the marketplace has seldom looked more perilous. How did it come to this?
Right away lets get rid of the credit crunch, which has ramifications wider than this or any single industry.
Suffice to say, almost all of the unnecessary expenditure which almost became a badge of honour is gone.
Flow teams are largely gone. The alternative currency of free shoes is gone. The thing about a time of plenty is that you often only recognise it i…